• Staking tomatoes brings benefits, responsibilities

    Staking is admittedly the more troublesome way to grow tomatoes. But in return for your troubles, you reap earlier fruits, larger fruits, cleaner fruits and more fruits per square foot of garden space. (Only so-called indeterminate tomatoes those whose stems are forever elongating, as indicated on the seed packet can be staked.) [View Details]
  • To reduce your electricity bills, get solar lights

    The durability of these lights is an important consideration, given that this is one factor that greatly influences the purchase of many items in many families. Some solar lights are equipped with motion sensors and can detect and illuminate moving objects, This helps alert you if there is an intruder. However, solar lighting has one main disadvantage: the initial cost of setting up the lights. [View Details]
  • Garden Stakes, Plant Stakes, and Yard Stakes for Plant Support

    Why These Stakes Are the Best The world's best garden stakes, plant stakes, and yard stakes are the cost-effective dark green fiberglass rods shown here. Sold elsewhere on this site as electric fence posts, as gardening stakes they have no rivals. Their color hides them perfectly among your plants. Their strength allows them to support anything from irises to hollyhocks with ease. And their durability, enhanced with special splinter-preventing resins and a UV barrier, makes them last practically forever. The books say their estimated life is 30 years, and we can vouch for that. We've been using them for about a decade, and we have yet to find one that looks a day older than when we got it. In contrast, any bamboo stakes we bought that long ago are frayed, splintered, and faded history. So we've come to regard these green fiberglass friends as an effective and highly successful garden tool. [View Details]

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